Payment Plans

There is no enrollment fee to participate in THE budget payment plan

Cleveland State offers a no-cost payment plan as an arrangement to make current semester tuition payments more affordable by spreading payments over a number of months.  This payment plan is available to all students, regardless of the number of credits or tuition amount.  The budget payment plan is also an option for students accepting financial aid.  A few new things to consider:

  • Your account balance will be applied to a Budget Payment Plan upon enrollment in courses, once tuition/fees are billed for the term.
  • For the FALL and SPRING semester, there are 5 installments.  Incurring charges after a due date will result in remaining payments being adjusted.
  • For the SUMMER semester, there are 3 installments.  Incurring charges after a due date will result in the remaining payments being adjusted.


  • You will be enrolled in a payment plan EVERY semester
  • Payments are due by the date specified on your CampusNet account
  • Due dates are ALWAYS on a MONDAY.
  • You can make payments electronically through CampusNet, mail in your payments or drop off a check in our night depository (located outside BH115)
  • You’ll need to make your payment each month by the due date; the University does not currently offer an auto-debit option.
  • If you add or drop classes, the amount of each of your remaining payments will be automatically adjusted
  • Federal regulations prohibit the use of current financial aid for payment of past-due charges
  • All current semester fees owed to the University are included in the terms of a payment plan. Prior balances CANNOT be included with a current semester payment plan.  
  • The payment plan constitutes a promissory note for education purposes and your enrollment includes a valid electronic signature. These charges are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Should this debt be placed in the hands of a collection agency or an attorney for collection, or should suit be brought to collect the outstanding balance, the student agrees to pay all costs of collection, including but not limited to, the reasonable fees and cost charged by a collection agency, filing fees, all costs and expenses arising from any suit filed to enforce this note including reasonable attorney's fees.


Do you want an easy, FREE way to spread the cost of tuition and fees equally throughout the semester?

You'll be enrolled in our Budget Payment Plan.

  • Your payments will be due in:
    Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
    August January May
    September February June
    October March
    November April July
    December May
  • Review your enrollment in CampusNet. Click on the Account tab and then the Payment Plan tab. Budget Payment Plan enrollment takes place approximately 4 weeks prior to the first payment due date of the semester.

Does your employer have a tuition reimbursement program where they pay you after you've successfully completed your course work?

Once you submit initial 25% payment,  click here to submit your documentation for the Employer Reimbursement payment plan.

We’ll modify your payment plan so you'll only need to make one final payment 4 weeks after the last day of academic instruction.  Documentation needs to be current, approved, and verify that you are employed and eligible for tuition reimbursement benefits for the current semester.  Updated documentation is needed each semester that you wish to enroll in this payment plan.

Please ensure your initial payment is completed by the semester payment due date (Monday before classes begin).  Documentation will be processed within 10 business days (and prior to the second standard payment due date, as long as your documentation is submitted timely).

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Are you applying for a payment plan for the Summer Semester?

Payments are due in May, June and July, regardless of which sessions you are enrolled in.

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Does your employer have a reimbursement program where they pay the University directly and you don't need to pay any out of pocket expenses up front?

Then enroll in the Third Party Sponsorship Program.

  • Complete the sponsorship document above (follow the link)
  • You must provide paperwork from your sponsor authorizing us to invoice them on your behalf
  • There is no enrollment fee
  • You will be responsible for payment of any sundry expenses your employer does not cover (for example books or parking)
  • If your employment status changes during the semester, you will be responsible for making payment in full immediately
  • If your employer does not pay our invoice within 60 days of billing, all charges will be reversed to your student account and will be due immediately.

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Are you an employee of the University? Or is your parent an employee? You may be eligible for Staff Development or Fee Authorization.

  • Visit the Human Resources web site after logging into MyCSU to review the eligibility requirements.
  • To download an enrollment form, log into MyCSU, click on the Human Resources tab under For Faculty and Staff, then click on Forms. The Staff Development and Fee Authorization Forms are printable as word documents or PDF's
  • Employees should submit their completed forms here: Staff Development
  • Completed Fee Authorization forms for dependents should be submitted to Human Resources at benefits@csuohio.edu.
  • Staff Development and Fee Authorization forms are processed approximately 2-3 weeks before a term begins.
  • The Office of the University Bursar only processes Staff Development for credit-based courses; please contact the CE department at for any non-credit (continuing education) courses.

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Did you register for or add classes after the semester began?

Your payments will be due over the course of the remaining months of the term. 

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Are you waiting for your Financial Aid to be approved or disbursed?

You will be enrolled into the Budget Payment Plan.  Once disbursed, your account will be paid in full, and payment plan satisfied.  There is nothing more you need to do.  To keep your account in good financial standing, we recommend making payments in line with your payment plan.  Once your account is paid, any overpayment is refunded.

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Are you a cross-registration student taking classes at Cleveland State and another University?

Obtain a cross-registration payment form from the Office of the University Registrar's, website (under Forms), or visit Campus411 All-in-1 if you need assistance. (Cross-registration is only available during the Fall and Spring semesters.)