Student Accounts Receivable

The Student Accounts Receivable area is responsible for the recovery of monies owed to the University. This collective debt includes:

  • Outstanding Student / Faculty / Staff Account Balances
  • Federal Perkins Student Loans
  • Cleveland Marshall Bar Loans
  • Calvitti Loans
  • Shell Loans
  • Reminger Loans
  • Nursing Faculty Loans

If your student account is in a delinquent or defaulted status, a hold is placed on your account. A financial hold will block registration, the release of transcripts and the issuance of a diploma. These requests will be denied until the delinquency or default has been resolved. Outstanding financial obligations include parking fines, unpaid parking tickets, unreturned books to the library, unpaid tuition and fees, unpaid Title IV returns and incomplete Exit Loan interviews.

All account balances not paid in full when due are the sole responsibility of the student. The student is responsible for all costs incurred by the University to collect such debt. This may include, but is not limited to, late fees, collection costs, litigation / attorney's fees, court costs and interest. Our Collections staff is available to discuss your financial difficulties and recommend a repayment agreement.

Late Fees

Students not enrolled in a payment plan are assessed a late payment fee of $100 each month their account remains unpaid.

Late fees are assessed the day after our due dates.  Students anticipating financial aid are not exempt from being assessed late fees. Please plan accordingly and submit your documents early.  Late fees are not reversed because a student was selected for verification.

Collection Fees

After multiple late or partial payments, your student account will be assessed an additional collection fee as indicated below, based on the outstanding balance of your student account: Students with a past due balance on their account cannot purchase a transcript or register for an upcoming semester.

  • $100 if your account balance is less than $1,000
  • $200 if your account balance is over $1,000

Your student account may also be assigned to one of three collection units.

CSU's In-House Collections

If your student account balance is delinquent, your account can remain with the University's In-House Collections area until the balance is paid in full as long as a repayment agreement is signed.  A $50 administrative fee will be assessed for billing purposes (billing service fee).  While you continue to make monthly payments your account will not accrue additional penalties.  Failure to make a scheduled payment based on the payment terms will immediately escalate your account to the Attorney General's Office for additional collection activities.  Future enrollment may be removed if you do not adhere to the terms documented in your payment agreement.  Students are not permitted to carry a balance from one term to the next for multiple semesters.  To speak with a Collections Specialist, please call 216.687.5445.

If your student account has an outstanding balance, and you are interested in enrolling for upcoming semesters, our Collection Specialists may be able discuss an individualized payment option that will permit you to enroll.  Please contact us today at 216.687.5445 or by email at collections@csuohio.edu to learn more.


Ohio Attorney General's Office

Delinquent accounts that are not resolved with the University's in-house Collections staff must be assigned, as required by state statute, to the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The Attorney General's Office will apply the full range of collection efforts to resolve the debt, including but not limited to withholding state tax refunds and legal action.  Attorney fees and collection costs based on a percentage of your outstanding debt, will be assessed to your student account.  The Ohio Attorney General's Office can be reached at 1-888-665-5440. Students are not permitted to register or purchase a transcript until their account is paid in full with the Attorney General's Office. Students whose accounts have been forwarded to the Ohio Attorney General's Office must contact them to make payments.

Third Party Billing Contact Information

Cleveland State previously utilized ECSI as an option for Third Party Billing of past due accounts.  ECSI can be reached at 1-888-549-3274 or www.ecsi.net.  Once your delinquent student account has been forwarded to ECSI, payment arrangements must be made through their office. Students are not permitted to register or purchase a transcript until their account with ECSI is paid in full.


Please be aware that your debt to Cleveland State MAY NOT be dischargeable in bankruptcy (see 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(8)).  Our office often receives notice of a bankruptcy filing.  When a student files for bankruptcy, any delinquent account is immediately certified to the State of Ohio.  The State Attorney General's Office provides legal counsel to Cleveland State University regarding compliance with applicable bankruptcy law.