Division of Continuing and Extended Education

New Knowledge & Engagement

The New Knowledge & Engagement arm of the Division of Continuing and Extended Education is dedicated to innovation in program development, knowledge transfer, state and federal education policy and service leadership in our community. In partnership with CSU’s academic programs and faculty, our goal is to expand how we think of continuing and extended education.

New Knowledge & Engagement at CSU sponsors conferences on continuing and adult education, presents papers at research conferences, writes white papers that inform state and federal policy, and strives to be an active voice in any conversation on continuing and extended education including workforce and professional development and lifelong learning. 

Conference Presentations and Papers

April 1-3, 2020, Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL), University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
"Continuing Professional Education: A new model to shift the neoliberal narrative and amplify human development as a common good"

June 4-7, 2020, Adult Education in Global Times International Research Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
“Continuing and Community Education as Engaged Learning”

October 8-11, 2019, American Association for Adult and Continuing Education 2019 Conference (AAACE)
“Urban-serving, Public Research University: Continuing Education Capacity Building and Developing Learning Networks within Communities”

Miscellaneouse Articles and Papers
​​​​​​​Pratt, N. (2020). Why Education for Adult Learners Really Matters. Crain's Cleveland Business​​​​​​​

CE Student Success Coaching

CE Student Success Coaching is under development in partnership with the Adult Learning and Development (ALD) master degree program in CSU’s College of Education. ALD internship students offer success coaching under the supervision of the continuing education faculty fellow. Together client and coach focus on the strengths and passions a client brings to their education interests to help a client reach her or his goals.
*Launching 2020/2021

Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy is dedicated to improving and developing educational methods, expanding knowledge of pedagogy, and strengthening the excellence in teaching in higher education. Under development in partnership with the Center of Faculty Excellence at CSU and the Adult Learning and Development (ALD) program in the College of Education, the Teaching Academy offers refreshers for professors both inside and outside CSU. The teaching academy also offers classes to graduate students planning a career in academia and for professionals interested in subsequent or second careers as adjunct faculty.
*Launching 2020/2021