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Download Application - Application and Participation - National Student Exchange Program

Application Process

Apply for exchange through your home campus NSE coordinator, Julie Good in the Center for International Services and Programs. The process includes a non-refundable application fee, a current transcript, letters of recommendation, goal statements for your exchange, biographical data, and a face-to-face appointment. Download the application

In addition to the eligibility criteria, other factors which may be considered in the application process include your flexibility, the ability to adapt to short-term relocation, clear academic and personal goals, support of your academic department, and a willingness to be a positive representative of your home campus to your exchange college or university.

You can begin the application process by downloading the application packet here.  Once completed, please return the forms to Julie Good at the Center for International Services & Programs along with the application fee (check or money order only) to complete the process. Please note, that the application will not be considered complete until the application fee has been paid in full.


Eligibile Cleveland State students may participate in NSE through the Plan B option only. Students who participate on Plan B pay their normal tuition/fees to their home univer­sity. On both tuition payment plans, fees which are assessed as a condition of enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, general service, computer, technology, art and photography supplies) are paid to your host campus.

Room and meals are always paid to your host campus. You are responsible for transportation, personal expenses, and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange. Financial aid may be used. There are no scholarships available at this time.

Courses and Grading

Your home campus determines the manner in which your host campus courses are distributed and grades are recorded. Consult with your academic advisor regarding course selection prior to going on exchange and preferably during the time you are exploring possible host campuses. A written advising agreement, indicating how work completed at the host campus will fit into your home campus degree program, must be completed after placement and prior to leaving for your exchange site.


Each year approximately 2,000 students from around the national participate in NSE. They continue to make progress toward home campus degree programs while studying in new places, meeting new people, and enrolling in specialized courses or unique academic options which may not be available on their home campuses.

Exchange participation is a privilege, not a right. Listed below are the minimum requirements for NSE participation.

  • Full-time enrollment at the home campus prior to exchange
  • Cumulative 2.5 GPA (4.0 scale) or better
  • Good standing (academic, personal, and financial)

There may be additional requirements and/or restrictions on exchange participation imposed by your home and/or host campus. You can learn of these from your campus NSE coordinator and from the website of NSE.


Most placements are made through the negotiation of home and host coordinators at NSE's annual conference in early March. Annually, 97% of the applicants are placed at one of their campus choices. Placement probabilities are governed by the number of openings at an institution and the number of students seeking that location.

After Placement

Placements are confirmed by signing a Placement Acceptance Form. Upon receipt of the form, the host NSE coordinator will forward enrollment materials which usually include a housing application, an institutional admissions form, and registration information. All materials must be completed and returned by stated deadlines. At the end of the term preceding exchange you must have maintained all eligibility requirements applicable at the time of your application or your exchange will be cancelled.

Length of Exchange

You may participate in NSE for a single term or a full academic year. Some campuses can accommodate summer exchange. The maximum cumulative total for exchange participation may not exceed one calendar year.

Exploring Participation

The following are helpful resources as you consider exchange participation and select an appropriate exchange location.

  • Meet with your NSE coordinator
  • Research options through the website of NSE
  • Review member campus catalogs and course descriptions
  • Consult your academic advisor
  • Consider how much flexibility you have regarding course selection
  • Discuss participation with parents and significant others
  • Determine if financial resources are sufficient for your exchange
  • Talk to s financial aid specialist in All-In-One
  • Apply for the NSE Program through CISP by completing the application