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Academic Success


We’re dedicated to helping students excel in their studies, graduate on time and move on to fulfilling careers. We’ve launched a series of initiatives to streamline your path to graduation.


Multi-Term Registration

Schedule fall, spring and summer terms at the same time, or register for any of the open terms you choose. Tuition for future terms is not due any earlier – register now and pay later. Learn more.


Degree AuditThis CampusNet tool tracks the university, college and major/minor requirements needed to complete your course of study, so you can monitor your progress toward graduation. Learn more.


Assertive Academic AdvisingOur advising empowers you to develop and implement strategies as soon as you arrive at CSU. Active engagement can result in higher GPAs, more credits earned and a better academic standing for CSU freshmen.

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 Adjusted Tuition BandTake 12 to 18 credit hours per semester at the same tuition rate for a timely graduation: 30 credit hours per year for four years = 120 credit-hour standard.


Credit-Hour StandardCap for undergraduate degrees to support CSU’s dominant three-credit-hour curriculum. Programs with accreditation requirements may exceed this threshold.


Students helping StudentsReceive guidance and positive support from someone who’s been in your shoes. Tutors, peer mentors, assistants in first year classes – CSU student employees can even help you improve non-academic skills like time management, organization, note taking, studying, test taking and strategic textbook reading.
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