2019 State of the University Address

Seven New Investments Announced to Meet the Promise of Our Strategic Priorities

  1. Expand our Student Success Coaching program, which provides mentoring and academic support for at-risk students to ensure they stay on track to graduation.
  2. Double the investment in our six-week Summer Math and English Intensive Preparation Program for freshman students entering in fall 2020.
  3. Recruit a minimum of 40 new faculty by next fall to grow critical-path academic and research programs in health sciences, business, engineering and data analytics. 
  4. Rebalance our institutional financial aid program to include a $1 million increase in need-based financial aid offers, so that we eliminate barriers for students who want to be with us and are unable to attend solely on the basis of financial need. 
  5. In the fall of 2020, CSU will introduce its Engaged Learning Promise, which will guarantee that any freshman students who choose CSU and want a co-op or externship experience will get one. 
  6. Update our Campus Master Plan, where we will define our campus footprint for the next 10 years, build brand awareness, and further establish our campus identity.
  7. Create a $500,000 Forward Together Innovation Challenge. This Shark Tank-style competition will seek to encourage our faculty, staff, and students to develop and present creative and innovative ideas to improve student success on campus.