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Cleveland State University becomes first and only public U.S. institution to extend Kaplan All Access test prep program to alumni

To date, students have saved more than $400K on test preparation for graduate admissions exams thanks to CSU-Kaplan partnership

Cleveland State University is expanding its partnership with global education services provider Kaplan by now offering its All Access test preparation program free of charge to alumni. The expansion also includes preparation for several microcredentials in project management, CISCO and Microsoft Office.

“Since launching our All Access Partnership with Kaplan one year ago, we have had nearly 500 students save more than $400,000 from their own pockets on test preparation services,” said Brittany Wampler, director of CSU’s Office of Career Development & Exploration (CDE). “By expanding this to alumni, we’re now opening the door for thousands more members of our CSU community to prep for life-changing exams at NO cost to them.

CSU alumni and students preparing for the GRE®, GMAT®, LSAT®, MCAT® and several professional certifications—including NCLEX preparation for all nursing students and Fundamentals of Engineering for all students in engineering degree pathways—can all take advantage of this program.

“Taking an exam like the MCAT® or GRE® is challenging enough,” Wampler added, “and it’s even more challenging when you are footing thousands of dollars to prepare yourself. We are investing in our students and alumni who might not be able to afford the cost of test prep but are more than ready intellectually to take on graduate school or certification programs.” 

Cael Shaw ’23 took advantage of the CSU-Kaplan partnership and recommends that all who are able to benefit from it take the first step to find out what it can offer them.

“The All Access Program helped me develop skills I didn’t know I had and skills I didn’t know I needed for not only the LSAT®, but all of my academics,” said Shaw, who is double majoring in Political Science and International Relations. “The fact that it’s free is even better.”

Students and alumni who wish to learn more about the CSU-Kaplan All Access program can visit the test prep page at the Office of Career Development & Exploration website. They can get additional information about application timelines and materials, research, shadowing, mock interviews and financial assistance through the Pre-professional Student Fund at CD&E’s Pre-Professional Programs page.