Information Services and Technology

Information Services and Technology

Important Notice - Please read

Microsoft continues to encourage people to move to Windows 10 through pop-up offers for the free upgrade. In light of this offer it is important for you to understand that presently none of the University’s major software vendors have issued a certification for their systems supporting Windows 10.

IS&T is presently performing an analysis of Windows 10 to fully test this operating system as well as its integration to existing University systems.

IS&T strongly recommends that until vendors certify Windows 10 and IS&T has completed its testing, that you do not upgrade any university pc’s or laptops to Windows 10 at this time. IS&T will announce the support of the Windows 10 operating system when it has been fully tested and compliant with all of the university systems.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


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Listed below are some of the new or expanded IST services and information regarding changes. For questions about our services, please call the IST help desk X5050 or contact the appropriate person (see contact information).

Student Services

Free Computer Assistance Service

For Student owned PCs, MACS and Laptop Computers.  Services provided: System and disk cleanup advice,  Install Anti-virus software, Virus removal advice, wireless access setup and technical assistance.

Fenn Hall Computer Lab Moving!

The Fenn Hall lab PCs and two printers will be relocated to the Library Learning Commons (LLC) on the first floor of the Michael Schwartz Library in Rhodes Tower by the end of Christmas break 2015.  The supervisor of IST's general computer labs will also relocate to the LLC in the Library.

Mobile Campus Satellite!

Beginning with the Fall Semester, August 24th, the Michael Schwartz Library and the IS&T Mobile Campus laptop loan program are collaborating to make laptop and scientific calculators available to borrow from the Library in addition to the current Mobile Campus location.

Faculty and Staff

New IS&T Online Service Request Catalog

is now part of, IS&Ts ticketing system to provide quicker response to your requests.  To access, go to and click on Service Catalog.  There are additional boxes to request the following:

•Share Drive Requests - create a request to add people to the disk share of Vike,  increase space or remove access for former employees.

•Computers/Monitors - place an order for PCs, laptops, monitors, RAM, Solid State Drive(SSD) or many other options. You will have a cart, that functions just like the carts when you shop on your favority internet sites.

•MACD Requests - (Move, Add, Change, Delete), information you need to provide to request to move a printer to a different location.

•IP Requests - if you are moving your computer and it requires a static IP, you can provide the necessary information to IS&T, so you can connect with your new static IP as soon as possible.

Speech-enabled Directory Service

Speech-enabled directory service is now available through the CSU telephone system, benefiting hands-free callers and assisting with call processing after regular business hours.

Take your Printing Jobs Up a Notch

The Printing & Duplicating Department has four digital printing presses for high quality production for postcards, hotcards, invitations, fliers, brochures and newsletters.