CSU Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I receive health care at CSU Health Services without insurance?
    As long as you are a currently enrolled CSU student, faculty or staff member, you can be seen in CSU Health Services. If you have insurance, be advised we do not bill payers or your insurance company. You will have to pay for meds / labs supplies. However, our costs are very reasonable.

    Fee schedule for medications and lab supplies

  2. Can I still receive Health Care at CSU after I Graduated?
    No, not at CSU Health Service Center

  3. What are the hours that CSU Health Services Center is open?
    CSU Health Services is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year. Services are available on an appointment only basis (see FAQ #7). Telephone advice is available during clinic hours. To schedule an appointment or for more information call 216-687-3649. If an emergency occurs when the Health Services Center is not open please contact on campus CSU police at 911. Infirmary and emergency care is provided only by area hospitals

  4. Does the Health Services Center offer emergency contraception?
    Yes. Emergency contraception can be used if a condom breaks or for unprotected intercourse within 72 hours. A Same Day Appointment must be scheduled with the Health Services Center to get emergency contraception. Average cost is about $ 17 without a PAP test.

  5. What services does the CSU Health Services Center provide?

    • Assessment and treatment of illness or injury
    • Preventive services, including immunizations, screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, HIV, pregnancy, Rubella, Rubeola, strep throat, annual gynecological exams and physical exams
    • Educational materials and individual or group counseling on many health-related topics
    • Campus-wide health promotion campaigns
    • Laboratory services
    • Emergency contraception
    • Care for most illnesses or problems for which you would see your own doctor
  6. How much it will cost me?
    There is no charge for most visits. A minimal charge may be assessed for medications, immunizations (shots), laboratory tests and physical exams for employment or entrance into the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Nursing programs. Payments will be posted to the student's CampusNet account or insurance will be billed. We do not accept cash, check, credit cards or debit cards. Fee schedule

  7. How can I be seen by a health care provider at the student Health Service Center?
    There are two ways to be seen by a health care provider at Health Services.The first (and most preferred) is to call and make an appointment in advance. If you cannot get to your appointment for some reason, it is your responsibility to call and cancel. The second way is, if you have an acute illness that needs immediate attention same-day appointments are available. You must call at 8:15 a.m. and request an appointment for the same day. Same-day appointments are limited and only for people who are acutely ill.

  8. What are Advance Directives?
    Formal Advance Directives are documents written before a serious illness that state your choices for health care, or name someone to make health decisions you cannot. Through Advance Directives, such as Durable Power of Attorney and Living Wills, you can make legally valid decisions about your future medical treatment. CSU Health Services provides information about your right, under Ohio Law, to accept or refuse medical treatment, including life support. Forms are available at Health Services.

  9. How confidential are my medical records? Will others (e.g. parents, university, etc.) be able to see them?
    We keep your records private and confidential. Medical records do not become a part of any other University record or go to anyone
    outside of the Health Services Center without your written consent. This consent is valid for 90 days from the date signed. However
    please note that patients under 18 may be subject to guardian/parent review if they (parents) sign a release.