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Health Insurance Information


CSU students MUST sign up for the student health insurance through their Campus Net account. Select the health tab and then follow the instructions to sign up for the insurance level and time period that you choose.

Enrollment Deadlines:

Spring/Summer: 2/13/24
Summer: 6/5/24

Student Health Center Referral Requirement
Important Information about your Cleveland State Insurance

Please Note:  For exceptions to the mandatory
referal requirement, click here.

A Student Health Center Referral is required for students insured with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources. Expenses incurred for medical treatment rendered outside of the Student Health Center for which no referral is obtained will be subject to an additional $350 deductible. A referral issued by the Student Health Center must accompany the claim when submitted. Only one referral for each injury or sickness is required per policy year.

This plan is underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and is based on Policy #2022-444-2. For a full description of coverage, including costs, benefits, exclusions, any reductions or limitations, and the terms under which the coverage may be continued in force, log on to www.uhcsr.com/csuohio. Specific information about the Health Insurance for students can be obtained through the insurance company website: www.uhcsr.com

Cleveland State University is concerned with both health promotion and illness/ injury prevention for its students. The Student injury and sickness insurance plan supplements the service of the University Student Health Services by providing coverage against the expense of the more costly illness and injuries requiring hospital treatment, X-ray, ultrasound, hospital confinement, the services of a surgeon, consultant, or outside physician. The plan pays up to the specified limits.

Wellness benefits are only covered in Health & Wellness Services. Students are protected by the plan twenty-four hours every day. Coverage remains in force year-round provided application has been made, eligibility requirements have been met and the premium paid for each year. the charge is due on your payment due date.

For more information about student injury and sickness insurance plans
please come to Health & Wellness Services in the Center for Innovations in Medical Professions 2112 Euclid Avenue Room 205 or call 216-687-3649.