Health & Wellness Services

Self-Pay Fee Schedule

Fees for clinical visits,laboratory testing services, immunizations, medications and  vaccines by CSU students, faculty and staff are the sole responsibility of the patient, and are payable at the time the service is rendered unless other arrangements
have been made. CSU IDs are required for IOUs.

Health Insurance will be billed for those patients who are covered by the major health insurance carriers we bill.

( Effective August 1, 2018 )
( All prices subject to change,pending market price and availability )


Oral Medications
ORAL MEDICATIONS PRICE                                
Albuterol/Ventolin Inhaler $65.00 per inhaler
Amoxicillin 250mg $12.00/Btl
Azithromycin (4 tabs for Chl tx only) $12.00
Cephalexin 250mg $12.00/Btl
Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride $12.00/Btl
Diflucan $5.00
Doxycycline 100mg $12.00/Btl
Methylprednisolone $20.00/Pack
Metronidazole 500 mg $12.00/Btl
Nitrofurantoin 100mg $30.00/Btl
PCN VK 250mg $12.00/Btl
Trimethoprimsulfa $12.00/Btl
Vantin 200mg $12.00/Tab
Z-Pack $12.00
Derm PRICE                                
Triamcinolone cream (steroid cream) $10.00/tube
Hydrocortisone 1% $3.00/tube
Ophthalmic PRICE                                
Gentamycin 0.3% Soln $12.00/Btl
Type of Service PRICE                                
Ace Wrap $2.00
Clinic Laboratory Services: Blood, Glucose, Hct., Hemoccult, Microscopy, Spun Urine, Urine Dip, Wet Mount, etc. $4.00
Procedures: Ear Irrigation, Fluorescein, Injections, Peak Flow, Podophyllin, etc. $2.00
Basic & Comp Metabolic panell $10.00/$12.00
Blood typing/RH $10.00
Complete Blood Count (CBC) $12.00
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea  ($14 each) $28.00
Suture removal $2.00
HbA1C  $12.00
Hepatic (liver) function panel $10.00
Visit $5.00 if no insurance
TESTS PRICE                                                      
Herpes select $30.00
Vitamin D level $28.00
Cholesterol panel(12hr Fast) $15.00
Pap Test: regular $22.00
Pap Test: Thin-prep $32.00
Thyroid test $12.00
Pap test-slide/thin prep $22.00/32.00
Physical Exam $30.00
Diabetes testing $12.00
Sickle Cell Screen $10.00
Throat Culture/Rapid Strep $14.00/$5
Thyroid tests (TSH) $12.00
Tuberculosis (Tb) Test $10.00
Urine Pregnancy Test $5.00
Urine Culture $14.00
Gonorrhea & Chlamydia ($14.00 each) $28.00
titers PRICE                                
Chicken Pox (Varicella)                             $12.00                                           
Hepatitis B titer $22.00
Mumps titer $12.00
Rubella titer $12.00
Measles titer $12.00
Gyn/contraceptives Price                                                                         
Birth Control Pills (Cyred,, Aubra, Tri Sprintec) $15.00/Pk generic
Depo Provera 150mg $110.00/Inj.
Emergency Contraception (Plan B) $16.00
Miconazole 2% Vag Cream $10.00
Injectables/Vaccines Price                                            
Allergy Shot(Each w/your own serum and MD agreement) $2.00/each
Hepatitis A (2 shots over 6 months) $60.00/each
Hepatitis B (3 shots over 6 months) $42.00/each
Flu vaccine (injection) regular/high dose $25.00/$40.00
Meningococcal (Menevo) $113.00
MMR $70.00
Pneumovax $115.00
Twinrix (3 Shots Over 6 Months) $70.00/each
Typhoid IM/Oral $98.00/$80
Tdap $40.00
Gardasil (3 shots 6 mos apart) $205/each
Prevnar                 $225