Curriculum Approvals and Processes

Program Merger / Abolition / Suspension


When merging, abolishing, or suspending a program, ALL DOCUMENTATION from the previous phase(s) must be sent to the next phase.

Phase 1 of 4
  1. Written initiation by appropriate level administration or faculty. Must be sent to all of the following:
  2. Affected unit(s) or program
  3. College Curriculum Committee
  4. Dean's Office
  5. University Curriculum Committee
  6. Graduate Council
  7. Other relevant committees

Must include rationale for proposed action.

Phase 2 of 4

Next Steps:

  1. Response from department(s) or unit(s) affected, if action is initiated by administration
  2. Recommendation from department(s), in case action initiated by faculty

Responses should be forwarded to those who initiated the action.

Phase 3 of 4
  1. College Curriculum Committee (CCC) discusses proposed action with department(s) or unit(s) involved including Graduate Council
  2. CCC holds open meetings for all concerned faculty to voice opinions
  3. CCC brings recommendations to college faculty
  4. College faculty makes recommendation to College Dean(s)

Phase 4 of 4

Final Steps:

  1. Recommendation/action by college deans to University Curriculum Committee
  2. Recommendation by Graduate Council
  3. Recommendation by graduate Dean
  4. University Curriculum Committee sends recommendation to Faculty Steering
  5. Faculty Steering sends recommendation to Faculty Senate
  6. Faculty Senate sends recommendation to Provost
  7. Provost makes recommendation for action