Curriculum Approvals and Processes

Change in Major

Types of Curricular change and Notes:

  • Modification to existing major: Change in credits required (including credits of a required course); course requirements; changes in prerequisites leading to additional courses; new, modified or deleted track, specialization or concentration in existing major.
  • A teach out plan is needed for students if a track is deleted.
  • Requirements cannot be added to an active catalog because it would violate students' catalog rights.


Estimated Time for Approval (from beginning of process to final approval):

  • 1 semester if no revisions are requested by an approval body;
  • 1.5 - 2 semesters if revisions are requested by an approval body;
  • Committees do not meet over the summer!
Approval Body Timelines / Deadlines
  1. Department / School where program is housed
  2. College Curriculum Committee where program is housed
  3. College Faculty
  4. Dean's Office
  5. University Curriculum Committee (UCC)
  6. UCC recommendation sent to Steering Committee
  7. Steering Committee may ask UCC to present to Senate
  8. UCC may present to Senate


March 1 for following Fall and Spring semesters.