Curriculum Approvals and Processes

New Degree or Program


  • The Dean should consult with the Provost early in the process to discuss alignment of resources and strategic impact.
  • For joint programs, approvals must be obtained from all departments and colleges. Ohio Department of Higher Education must approve a new program prior to advertising or implementation.
  • Higher Learning Commission takes up to six months to approve a program. Students cannot receive financial aid for the program until approved.


Phase 1 of 2: Ohio Department of Higher Education (Initial Inquiry)
  Approval body timeline & process
Initial Inquiry
  1. Department/School
  2. Dean's Office
An Initial Inquiry form can be acquired from the Ohio Department of Higher Education by the Vice Provost for Academic Planning. Once the Initial Inquiry form is completed by the Chair of the originating department, with assistance from its corresponding Dean's office, the document will be returned to ODHE for processing. The usual turnaround time is up to two days.

Phase 2 of 2: Full Proposal (after initial inquiry)
  approval body timeline & process
Full Proposal
  1. Department/School
  2. College Curriculum Committee where program is housed
  3. Dean's Office
  4. College & Graduate Council
  5. UCC
  6. Steering
  7. Senate
  8. Provost
  9. President
  10. Board of Trustees
  11. Final ODHE
  12. Senate ( if ODHE makes modifications)

A full proposal template will be requested from ODHE by the Vice Provost for Academic Planning, after which it will be filled out by the originating department in order to be submitted for internal approval by the stakeholders listed on the left.

Faculty Senate's first approval (step #6) must be made by the last day of Fall classes to be effective the following Fall. This presupposes that the Board of Trustees and ODHE will approve the full proposal. 

Approved by ODHE with no modifications by July 1, implemented Fall semester. 

Approved by ODHE after July 1, Spring implementation.