Curriculum Approvals and Processes

New Articulation Agreement

Types of Curricular Change and Notes:

  • The Assistant University Registrar, Kevin Neal, must be contacted at the outset of this process.


Estimated Time for Approval (from beginning of process to final approval):

  • No Estimation Available
Approval Body Timelines/Deadlines to notify the Office of the University Registrar of the approval from the final approval body
  1. Department/School where program is housed.
  2. College Curriculum Committee where program is housed
  3. Dean's Office
  4. College Faculty
  5. University Curriculum Committee (UCC)
  6. Admissions and Standards Committee
  7. Admissions & Standards recommendation forwarded to Steering Committee
  8. Steering Committee may ask UCC to present to Senate
  9. UCC may present to Senate
No Dates Available