Curriculum Approvals and Processes

Crucial Considerations

  • Modification restrictions due to student enrollment - No changes or modifications of courses can be made once students are enrolled in the course. Students begin enrolling in March for the next academic year.
  • Be patient with processing duration - Estimation of the time needed for curricular changes to go into effect is based on the number of approval bodies and if those bodies request revisions to the proposal.
  • Curriculum Committees DO NOT MEET in the summer. Even if curricular changes are approved by all approval bodies in September of the year the department would like the curriculum to be amended in a catalog, it is not possible to make those changes to the catalog. Students' catalog rights begin at the beginning of the fall semester, and once the semester begins, the catalog for the current school year has been closed. Any errors or omissions on the part of those who update the catalog, pertaining to curriculum that received final approval before the start of the new academic year, will be corrected.