Curriculum Approvals and Processes

New Major/Degree

Types of Curricular change and Notes:

  • Federal Department of Education takes approximately six months to approve a program; students cannot be awarded financial aid for that program until approval.
  • Requirements cannot be added to an active catalog because this violates students' catalog rights.
  • Estimated Time for Approval (from beginning of process to final approval): 2 Years.


Phase 1 of 2: Ohio Board of Regents Letter of Intent

  Approval Body Timelines/Deadlines
Letter of Intent
  1. Department/College
  2. College Curriculum Committee where program is housed
  3. College Faculty
  4. Dean's Office
  5. University Curriculum Committee (UCC)                                             
  6. Provost forwards Letter of Intent to ODHE for approval
If a complete proposal for this request is not submitted within one year from the date of this letter, the institution must submit another letter of intent and related fees to the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents. Expect this process to take at least one semester.
Phase 2 of 2: Full Proposal (after Letter of Intent)

  approval body Timelines/Deadlines
full proposal
  1. Department/School                  
  2. College Curriculum Committee                         
  3. College Faculty
  4. Dean's Office
  5. UCC                               
  6. Steering / Senate
  7. Provost
  8. President
  9. Board of Trustees
  10. Final ODHE
  11. Senate (if modifications requested by ODHE)

Faculty Senate's first approval (step #6) must be made by the last day of Fall classes to be effective the following Fall.

This presupposes that the Board of Trustees and ODHE will approve the full proposal.

Approved by ODHE with no modifications by July 1, implemented Fall semester (approved by ODHE after July 1, Spring implementation).