Curriculum Approvals and Processes

Certificate Program

Types of Curricular change and Notes:

  • New, modified or deleted. The highest level of approval necessary to modify a certificate is UCC for certificates under 22 credits
  • For certificates of 22 credits or more OBOR approval is needed or deleted certificate a "teach out" plan for students in the certificate track is needed.
  • Requirements cannot be added to an active catalog because it violates students' catalog rights


Estimated Time for Approval:

  • 8 - 12 weeks if no revisions are requested by an approval body
  • 12 - 16 weeks if revisions are requested by an approval body
Approval Body Timelines / Deadlines to notify the Office of the University Registrar of the approval from the final approval body
  1. All Departments or Schools Involved
  2. College Curriculum Committee where certificate is housed; other colleges must submit written permission to use their courses to fulfill certificate requirements
  3. Dean's Office
  4. College where certificate is housed
  5. Graduate Council
  6. University Curriculum Committee (UCC)
  7. Senate (New or deleted certificate only)
  8. OBOR (for certificates with 22 hours or more).
New Certificate:
Final approval by July 1, implemented Fall.
Final approval after July 1, Spring implementation.
Modified or Deleted Certificate:
Approvals by March 1 for following Fall.