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our former students report......

"I am now a sophomore at Brown University, studying Organic Geochemistry. Transition at Brown was a little tough for me as a first semester first year student, but I feel as if it was more because I was starting college so far away from home and less because of the academic aspects. Although CSU is very different from Brown, I definitely felt less lost when navigating the layout of a college class in comparison to a high school class. The idea of a syllabus and websites such as Blackboard or Canvas were foreign to most people, and I felt as if I had a slight advantage because I have had exposure to these websites and knew how to utilize them. Overall, I will forever be thankful for the experience I had at CSU as a senior in high school, it truly helped me determine what I wanted in a college experience because I was able to experience a taste of a college before applying and committing to one.   I hope the program is still continuing to thrive."

"I am enjoying my time at Cleveland State more every day. The CCP program benefitted me beyond belief. Currently I am a double major, and also graduating in fall of 2019,  rather than the spring of 2021. I intern for the Prosecutor's office Mondays and Wednesdays which is the most amazing experience as well. I have sent a couple students into CCP because they really wanted to do what I did. I preach the program to everyone I meet, and want everyone to at least consider looking into it."

"My second semester at the University of Michigan is going well, I have passed all my classes, and I’ve even declared Mechanical Engineering as my major. I think the CCP program at CSU definitely prepared me for the college curriculum, which is certainly not easy!"

"I actually just applied for graduation for the fall and will be hopefully starting the accelerated nursing program next spring! My GPA is sitting at around a 3.65 which I am super happy with, especially considering my major! Even though I changed my mind in career paths, I'm so glad I did CCP or I might not have ever had time to consider nursing! I'm so glad I was able o decide that early on and will now have 2 degrees instead if 1 and graduate on time. I feel like CCP was a perfect way to ease into college and it made the transition seamless while many of my friends struggled their first year.  Thanks for everything!"

"I really appreciate the interest in looking at CCP students’ transition into college life. I am currently a sophomore at Ohio University majoring in sociology, Pre-Law, and receiving a certificate in Italian Studies. I am very happy and grateful for taking advantage of CCP opportunities in high school. I really enjoying being on the CSU campus and experience what an actual college class is like. It gave me the feeling for what the classroom environment would feel like in transitioning from high school. I was able to learn what it was like to speak, ask questions, and participate in meaningful and engaging discussion. This has given me a great edge going into many of my undergraduate classes."

"I really had such a wonderful experience at for the transition to a "regular" College experience, I think it was made so much easier with the CCP courses I took. I got involved in clubs and social events on campus, met dozens of wonderful people, and took some really great classes that gave me a great look at what college life is really like. CCP also gave me an awesome headstart that prepared me for college and saved me some money along the way. I really appreciate the chance I got to take CCP classes at CSU. Thanks for making my time there so great!"

"I did notice that I was more prepared in certain areas compared to other first-year students...I knew how to manage my time, I was familiar with the structure of college courses, and I knew how to utilize my professors. I think this is why I have been able to successfully balance time with friends and my heavy schoolwork while also participating in clubs and organizations at Ohio State. I also have seen several CCP students that had classes with me. It was awesome to meet up with them again and talk for a few minutes. As you’ll find, I’m sure many of them are just as successful since this program prepares all of us so well for college."

"CCP was a huge asset to me. Because of the head start I got in AP classes and CCP, I will be graduating two years from now (four years since I officially entered college) with a Bachelors degree in both Mechanical Engineering and Physics. I also believe that the connections I made in the CCP program with professors on campus helped my acceptance into the honors college, which is paying for my degree in full.   The transition to regular college life was pretty seamless for me. I was already familiar with the campus and already had friends at CSU. It was almost like I had a practice first year of college, so by the time the real thing came I was already comfortable.  I recommend CCP to every college bound person who talks to me about the best ways to get ahead."

"I feel like the CCP program at CSU prepared me for college more than any AP class ever could. I truly felt like I was at an advantage when started at Case as a “real” college I transitioned into the CWRU atmosphere, I quickly found that most of these students did not have the opportunities that I did in my high school experience. I had taken real college classes on a college campus and gained the experience that any first-year student would have— but a year earlier. I was able to do much more than most of my peers while maintaining a higher GPA on average.  My peers quickly became resentful of my good grades, dashing looks, and fabulous talents."


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