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If your CCP application is complete (CCP application, official school transcript, counselor authorization form, parent authorization form. Your application will be processed in the order in which it was received.  If your application is incomplete, it will not move forward in the processing queue.  It is always students' responsibility to ensure their applications are complete.  If you have questions or concerns about your application status, please call Admissions at 216.687.5411.

FAQ regarding online courses for ccp students

The Undergraduate Studies policy for CCP students and undergraduate students who have less than thirty (30) credit hours is that online courses are not permissible.  This policy is predicated on several factors:

  • Historically, this group of students tend to underperform in these courses when compared to peers who have more than 30 hours/higher class standing.  Research consistently and strongly suggests that adolescent learners are better served in a learning community, not learning alone.
  • Students who are not familiar with Blackboard, the learning platform we use, may have a long learning curve for it.  We have seen students struggle to master it while also trying to take the course.  This generally results in missed assignments, missed deadlines, etc.
  • We don't know the technology access of every student in our program.  We do not want to create a hierarchy of students who have high-quality technology in their homes (wifi, laptops/tablets, etc) and who already have technology expertise and those students who do not.  We would rather teach all students to be confident and successful with educational technology during the pendency of in-person lecture and lab courses so all students move forward equitably.

There are exceptions to this policy.

  • HSC 203, Medical Terminology, is only offered online. CCP students have done well in this course, which is well-organized and worth one (1) credit hour.
  • HED 210, Personal Health, is also a good online choice for CCP students who need the Health credit for high school.  Students often take this course in the summer.
  • Once CCP students have established a strong GPA, online PHY 101 or 102, Flying Circus of Physics, has been a solid choice for students who need an additional science credit and who do not believe they are going into a STEM field.

Please email if you have questions or concerns.

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