International Sponsored Students

International sponsored students

If you are an international student and your educational expenses are covered with a letter of financial guarantee, we have new information for you.  The Center for International Services & Programs is now working with each embassy to gather your Financial Guarantee on your behalf.   Upon confirmation, our Office will place each authorized student on a Sponsorship Payment Plan.  Your CampusNet account will include the lines "BPP Tuition Sponsor."  This will indicate to you that CISP has received a financial guarantee which authorizes us to invoice your government.  Please do not submit your Financial Guarantee to our office, but rather to intlcenter@csuohio.edu

We will submit an invoice requesting payment in October, March and July, for the Fall, Spring and Summer terms, respectively.  Until an invoice is created, charges will remain on your student account but will not accumulate late fees or penalties.

We will only create an invoice for authorized charges.  Students who take online classes or drop a class will be responsible for those expenses themselves.  Charges remaining on your student account after we invoice your sponsor must be paid immediately and will begin to accrue penalties.  Please monitor your student account and read email notices from our office to ensure you stay aware of unpaid amounts on your account.