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International Test of English Proficiency ( iTEP)

The primary function of the iTEP is to assess the English language proficiency of learners of English as a second language. iTEP is a comprehensive, Internet-based exam that takes no longer than 90 minutes to administer. The iTEP tests proficiency in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. There is also a section that tests familiarity with grammar. In the Writing and Speaking sections, test-takers produce actual writing and speaking samples which are graded by trained ESL professionals in the U.S. The Official iTEP Score Report shows the test-taker’s overall level, as well as levels attained on each of the 5 sections (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Grammar).

  • Required of all incoming International Students
  • Test fee is $99.00, cash, check or money order payable to Cleveland State University must be submitted with a completed registration. Download iTEP registration form here.
  • The iTEP can be taken at any official test site around the world.
  • You should call the test site directly to schedule an appointment.
  • You will need to request your score recipient as Cleveland State University on the day of testing.
  • Scores range from 0 (Beginning) to 6 (Advanced)
  • Pass the ITEP with a minimum of an overall score of 5 (with no section below 4)*

*Current equivalent scores required by the College of Business for applicants for Business or Computer Science will require a minimum overall score of 6 (with no section below 5).

In addition, International Admissions will accept:

Test Structure

Reading – 20 minutes

  1. One intermediate-level passage about 250 words in length followed by multiple-choice questions, and
  2. One college-level monograph approximately 450 words long followed by multi-choice questions.

Listening – 20 minutes

  1. Four high-beginning to low-intermediate-level short conversational exchanges of 2-3 sentences, each followed by 1 multiple-choice question
  2. One 2-3 minute intermediate-level conversational exchange followed by multi-choice questions
  3. One 4-minute college-level lecture followed by multiple-choice questions

Grammar (Structure) – 10 minutes

  1. Twenty-five written multiple-choice questions, each of which tests the examinee’s familiarity with a key feature of English structure The section includes a range of structures from simple to more complex, as well as a range of vocabulary from beginning to advanced. There are two question format types, each illustrated with on-screen examples.

Writing – 25 minutes

  1. In response to instructions phrased at the low-intermediate level, examinee is asked to write a short note on a supplied topic (5 minutes: 50-75 words)
  2. Examinee is presented with a brief, college-level written topic and is asked to express and support his/her opinion on the topic (20 minutes: 175-225 words)

Speaking – 5 minutes

  1. Examinee hears and reads a short question phrased at the low-intermediate level; examinee has 30 seconds to prepare his/her spoken response, and 45 seconds to speak
  2. Examinee hears a brief college-level statement presenting two sides of an issue, examinee is then asked to give his/her thoughts on the topic (45 seconds to prepare, 60 seconds to speak).