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Thrombin Generation Inhibitors

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Methods and medicines for inhibiting blood coagulations.


Existing blood anticoagulants produce a number of deleterious side effects. For example, heparin, warfarins, and thrombolytic agents all can cause bleeding. The present invention has discovered that certain peptides derived from the region comprising amino acids 307 to 356 of the human blood coagulation factor Va exhibit excellent blood coagulation properties with little or no adverse side effects.


Dr. Michael Kalafatis, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Chemistry.

Commercial Applications

  • Novel therapeutic blood anticoagulation drug.

  • Processes for reducing and preventing unwanted clotting of blood.


  • Unlike existing blood anticoagulants, the present invention targets single clotting factors such that side effects resulting from nonspecific action of the drug are eliminated.

  • Superior efficacy and safety profiles since thromboses would be inhibited without bleeding as a side effect.

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