Technology Security

MFA Setup Guide: Changing Phones or Numbers

You may need to edit your enrolled multifactor authentication methods if you get a new device or need to update your enrolled phone number. If you have both devices handy, follow the instructions below to delete your old device and add your new device. If you do not have access to your enrolled device (it is lost, stolen, or damaged), please contact the IS&T Help Desk at 216.687.5050, via or visit us at Mobile Campus in the Student Center to have your authentication method reset.

  1. On your computer, head to
    MFA Login page 1 MFA Login page 2
  2. Once authenticated, click Security info in the left-hand menu.MFA Modify methods 2
  3. Click Delete next to the name of your old device.MFA Delete Old Method
  4. Click OK.Delete MFA method
  5. Click the Add sign-in method button and follow the prompts to begin enrolling your new device. If you need help, please reference the smartphone or basic phone setup guides.Add new method