Technology Security

MFA Setup Guide: Basic Phone

Enrolling your account for multifactor authentication is quick and easy! After you've enrolled in MFA, you will be able to approve sign-ins to CSU resources by entering a code sent to you via a text message or phone call. You'll only be prompted for MFA when accessing CSU resources off-campus.

  1. Head to on your computer to begin. Click Next:Azure AD login screen
  2. Click I want to set up a different method:Screenshot of Microsoft MFA enrollment screen with the I want to use a different method link emphasized
  3. In the drop-down, select Phone and then click Confirm:Screenshot of Microsoft MFA enrollment screen prompting the user for the method they'd like to use with Phone selected and the Confirm button emphasized
  4. Enter your phone number and then select Text me a code to receive a text message or Call me to receive a phone call:Screenshot of Microsoft MFA enrollment screen prompting the user for their phone number and choice of text message or phone call with the Next button emphasized
  5. Your phone number will now be verified via the method chosen:
    Text Message Phone Call
    Screenshot of Microsoft MFA enrollment screen prompting the user to enter the code they received via text message with the Next button emphasizedEnter the code in the message, then click Next. Answer the phone call from 216.687.5050, then press # when prompted.
  6. That's it! You're now enrolled for multifactor authentication via the Microsoft Authenticator app. Once MFA is enforced for your account, you will be prompted for any sign-ins to CSU resources you initiate off-campus. To edit your MFA settings, please return to

Thank you for doing your part to keep CSU cyber safe!