Residence Life and Housing

Returning Student Housing Selection

The Returning Student Housing Selection Process is an opportunity for current CSU residents to select their housing assignment for the following academic year. Students should take the time to review the information on this webpage to learn about the process and deadlines so they are properly prepared. If students have any questions after reviewing all of the information at any point throughout the process, they can contact the Department of Residence Life and Housing via email at or phone at 216-687-5196.

Contents of this PROCESS
Email Communication

All communication regarding the Housing Selection Process will be sent to students via their CSU email address. Once the information has been sent to students, they are considered to be notified. It is important for students to check their email regularly to ensure they have all the information they need to navigate the selection process.  

Housing Contract

The Housing Contract is a binding document similar to that of a Landlord/Tenant lease agreement so it is very important that students carefully review the Housing Contract as they are adhering to its terms and conditions and will be financially responsible all housing charges for the 2024-2025 academic year.  The Housing Contract can be downloaded here.

Housing Rates

Students should review the housing rates for 2024-2025 to ensure they understand their financial obligations. This includes the rates for all four residential communities: Euclid Commons, Fenn Tower, The Edge, and The Langston. Housing Rates can be viewed here.

Meal Plan Requirement & Rates

All residents living in university housing are required to select one of the residential meal plans for the entire academic year. Returning students residing in The Edge and The Langston will be eligible for and automatically enrolled in a condensed meal plan (Weekly 5 + $500 dining dollars each semester) at a lower rate to reflect the independent living environment while ensuring students have access to sustenance throughout the year while dining locations and restaurants are open. Returning students residing in Euclid Commons will be automatically enrolled in the Green & White Meal Plan by default. Starting July 22nd, students will be able to log on to Housing Self-Service to change their meal plan if they are looking for other options.  Meal plans and rates for 2023-2024 can be viewed here.

Timeline at-a-Glance




STEP 1. PAY $200 HOUSING DEPOSIT:  Students who are current residents who have already paid their deposit will not have to pay their deposit again. Pay your 2024-2025 Housing Deposit now


February 23rd

STEP 2. COMPLETE HOUSING CONTRACT: Student logs in to “Housing Self-Service” to complete the 2024-2025 Housing Contract. Utilize this Guide to complete your Housing Contract.

October 17

February 23rd

STEP 3. ROOMMATE MATCHING & GROUP FORMATION: Students have an opportunity to log on to “Housing Self-Service” to search for other students to form roommate groups to live with next year. If students prefer to go through the process individually/without a roommate, they can go “Solo”. Utilize this Guide to complete the Roommate Matching and Group Formation process.

February 23rd

March 15th

STEP 4. ENSURE YOU HAVE NO FINANCIAL HOLDS ON STUDENT ACCOUNT: Review Student Account and ensure that any Bursar/financial holds are removed. Holds can be viewed through a student’s CampusNet account. Current residential students need to be up-to-date on all of the housing rent payments in order to go through the process.


March 31st

STEP 5. RECEIVE SELECTION TIMESLOT: Students will receive their selection timeslot which indicates when they can log on to “Housing Self-Service” and select a space online for next year. Selection timeslots are generated randomly by class year.

April 5th

April 5th


Students will log on to “Housing Self-Service” during their selection timeslot to select their space for next year. A student’s selection timeslot is determined by their class year and those dates are provided below. Utilize this Guide to complete the Room Selection process.

  • April 9: Rising Seniors
  • April 10: Rising Juniors
  • April 11: Rising Sophomores
  • April 12: All Remaining Students

April 9th

April 12th


The important dates for Supplemental Selection Processes are provided below. Additional information regarding each process will be provided during the month of February and discussed during information sessions.

  • ODS Approved Accommodations: Requests and Documentation due to ODS by February 23rd
  • Living Learning Communities: Applications & Agreements due by March 1st
    • Includes: [List LLCs]
  • Continued Occupancy (CO): Agreements due by March 8th (Process Opens February 23rd)
Paying the Housing Deposit

Students who are current residents and who have already paid their deposit will not have to pay their deposit again. Pay your 2024-2025 Housing Deposit now. 

Clearing Financial Holds from Student Account

In order to go through the housing selection process, students will need to review their Student Account and ensure that any financial holds are removed. Holds can be viewed through a student’s CampusNet account. Current residential students need to be up-to-date on all of the housing rent payments in order to go through the process.

Office of Disability Services Approved Accommodations

Students who currently have ODS approved housing accommodations will be contacted via email by the Department of Residence Life and Housing to confirm their plans for next year. New accommodation requests must be submitted to ODS for review and for approval through their office by February 23, 2024. Students who submit their requests after the priority deadline, may be placed on a wait list for the approved accommodation. Once approved, ODS will notify the Department of Residence Life and Housing and will proceed from there. For students to receive accommodations, ODS needs them to submit the online application, submit documentation of their disability, and come in for their intake appointment. Students are not registered with Disability Services until all these steps are complete. To start the accommodations process, visit the ODS registration page here

Continued Occupancy (CO)

Residents who currently live in Euclid Commons buildings 3 and 4, The Edge, and The Langston are permitted to participate in the Continued Occupancy process. Students who want to remain in their same room/unit/apartment for next year will need to complete the Continued Occupancy (CO) Agreement which opens February 23rd.

It is important to note that all of the students who currently live in the unit who have completed a housing contract for the following academic year by the priority deadline and who have completed a Continued Occupancy Agreement, must all agree on who will be occupying the space for the following academic year. If one of the current residents living in the unit does not wish to renew in that space for next year, they do should not complete a CO agreement - they would just go through the Housing Selection Process to pick their room for next year.  If there is no consensus among the current residents who have completed the CO agreement on who will be living in the unit for the following year, none the renewing students in the current unit will be able CO in the space and all renewing students will have to go through the housing selection process.

Pulling-in New Roommates: If there will be empty spaces within the unit and a returning student within that unit wants to pull-in new roommates to the unit for next year, they are permitted to do so if 1.) All students wishing to live in the unit have completed the Housing Contract by the priority deadline and 2.) All students are successfully matched through the Roommate Matching Portal prior to assigning themselves to the room/unit again for the following academic year.

Remaining Vacancies in the Unit: If the room/apartment/unit is not filled after the CO process concludes, the space(s) will be the first to be occupied during the Housing Selection process. 

Instructions on Participating in the CO Process
  1. Complete the Continued Occupancy Agreement by March 8th. Students can access the application via the Housing Self-Service Portal. You can only see the application if you have completed the 2024-2025 Housing Contract by the priority deadline and you do not live in Fenn Tower or Euclid Commons buildings 1 or 2.  
  2. Match with all intended roommates through the Roommate Matching Portal. The student remaining in the space must successfully match with all students they wish to pull into the unit/room prior to participating in the Continued Occupancy Selection Process.   
  3. Participate in the Continued Occupancy Selection Process. The student that is remaining in the space, or their proxy, will log into the Housing Self-Service Portal during the Continued Occupancy Selection Process to assign themselves and any matched roommates to the unit or the 2024-2025 academic year.  
  4. If it is determined that the CO process is being completed in an effort to manipulate the housing selection process (i.e. the student who CO's the unit withdraws, etc.) then the entire unit may relocated in any available space(s) after the housing selection process concludes.
Contract Cancellation Requests

A student who desires release from the Housing Contract prior to September 1st but does not meet the criteria listed for termination through the Contract Release Process, may elect to pay a Fall Pre-Term Cancellation Fee.  A Fall Pre-Term Cancellation Form must be completed and submitted by the Student before the dates specified in the fee schedule (below) in order to be considered for this option.

Cancellation Period

Start Date

End Date

No Cancellation Fee Period

When university housing contract is released

April 15th (unless already assigned)

$200 Cancellation Fee Period

April 16th

May 15th

$300 Cancellation Fee Period

May 16th

June 15th

$500 Cancellation Fee Period

June 16th

July 15th

$750 Cancellation Fee Period

July 16th

September 1st**

**After this date, the Housing Contract is binding, making the student financially responsible for all costs associated with their housing assignment and respective dining plan for the academic year unless they are approved for release under the cancellation provisions section of the Housing Contract.