Residence Life

Residence Life

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Cleveland State is a great metropolitan university located in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Only minutes away from a wealth of cultural institutions, professional sports teams and eclectic neighborhoods hosting special events ranging from arts-and-crafts fairs to food festivals, Cleveland State offers the opportunity to live, study, work and play in a vibrant downtown setting.


Status of Housing Contracts

Wondering where we are in the process of sending out housing contracts?  You can check our status here.

Move-In Paperwork

Get a jump on move-in and complete your required paperwork now.  All the forms are available near the bottom of this page.

Health Insurance Requirement

The University is committed to student success.  Your health and wellbeing impacts your ability to complete your coursework and graduate on time.  In support of your success, the Department of Residence Life encourages you to take full responsibility for your health and understands access to health insurance is necessary to be able to do so.  Therefore, each student living in a residence hall is required to provide proof of health insurance coverage prior to moving in.

Downloadable Forms

2016 - 2017 Contract Cancellation Form: Click HERE

2016-2017 Immunization Form (Under 18 years of age): Click HERE

2016-2017 Meal Plan Form (Under 18 years of age): Click HERE

2016-2017 Personal Property Waiver (Under 18 years of age): Click HERE

2016-2017 Terms and Conditions of the Housing Contract: Click HERE

2015 - 2016 Resident Handbook: Click HERE

2015 - 2016 Terms and Conditions of the Housing Contract: Click HERE




2016 Summer Intern / Summer Conference Housing Application


  • Summer Intern Click HERE
  • Summer Conference Click HERE
  • Summer Intern Parking App. Click HERE

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