Research Development

The Office of Research is focused on supporting CSU faculty as they cultivate their research and scholarship. Our office can help you develop a strategic plan to establish or expand your research portfolio, connect with partners on campus or around the region, locate potential funding sources, and develop a proposal concept.

Our website provides a range of online resources to help you write winning proposals, including the proposal writing guidance page for quick access to grant application guidelines, proposal writing tips, commonly required University information, and templates for supporting documents required by NSF, NIH, and others.

We regularly prepare a curated list of funding opportunities that is sent via email to faculty members. If the funding list doesn't have what you are looking for, CSU faculty can utilize SPIN, a searchable database of grant opportunities from more than 10,000 global sponsors, or search for federal funding opportunities.

Our newsletter archive and Faculty Expertise Database are always available to help spark a research idea.

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If you are unfamiliar with submitting proposals, please click here for an explanation of the process flow and contact SPRS immediately when you decide to submit a proposal. If you require assistance with developing a proposal concept or finding the right collaborator, contact Ben Ward.