Listed below are examples of phishing attempts, listed in alphabetical order by the subject of the email, that have been received at CSU accounts.  The subject also is a link that will display an example of the email.  If you wish to view the example, click on the item and an example will display under a new tab.  If you wish to view a brief description of the item hover over the subject listed, do not select, and a brief description will appear.  For more information concerning Phishing, visit the main page for Phishing.  The date list within the parentheses is the date that the item was originally posted on this web site and will remain posted for 6 months from that date.

CSU never sends out emails that request that you sign into your account for any reason.  CSU does deactivate accounts, once a person is no longer associated with CSU, but not before.  For further information on account activation / deactivation please click here.