Important Dates and Deadlines

Please review the following dates and deadlines.

Undergraduate and Graduate Application Deadlines

Fall Semester Admission

May 15

Spring Semester Admission

October 15

Summer Semester Admission

April 1

* Summer Semester is only available for business students.

Graduate Specific Program Deadlines

Accelerated MBA (Fall and spring admission only) June 1 & November 1
Chemistry (Ph.D., MS) January 15
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (Fall admission only) February 1
Education Counseling Specialization (Spring admission only) August 31
Executive MBA (Fall admission only) June 15
Nursing (Consult Nursing section of Catalog) March 1
Occupational Therapy (MOT) (Fall admission only) March 15
Physical Therapy (DPT) (Spring admission only) March 15
Physics (Fall admission only) April 1
Psychology: (Fall admission only)
         ----  Clinical/Counseling Psychology February 15
         ----  Consumer/Industrial Research February 10
         ----  Diversity Management May 31
         ----  Experimental Research March 1
         ----  Psychology Specialist(PsyS) February 10
Public Health (MPH) (Fall admission only) January 15
Social Work (MSW) (Fall admission only) February 28
Speech Language Pathology (Fall admission only) March 1
Urban Education (Ph.D) (Fall admission only) First Monday in February
Urban Studies and Public Affairs(Ph.D) (Fall admission only) January 15