International Admissions

FAQ: After Acceptance

I was admitted. Now what do I do?

After you receive confirmation that you are admitted to CSU, please continue to check your email for important information about arrival, housing, and orientation. Once your Form I-20 is processed, you will be emailed about express mailing options.

If you want to live on-campus you must apply for on-campus housing. Our housing application can be found on this website On-campus housing is not guaranteed and students are advised to apply as early as possible.

How do I change my admission to a different semester?

If you are unable to begin the semester you were admitted for, then you have the option of deferring your admission to the next available semester. Please send deferral requests to and include your CSU ID. We will not be able to issue a new Form I-20 until a new admission letter has been issued.

After I am admitted, how do I receive my Form I-20?

Financial documents are required after admission in order to issue an Form I-20. CSU will review your financial documents to determine whether you have sufficient funding. If your documents pass financial review, then we issue the Form I-20 (or Form DS-2019). If your documents do not pass the financial review, then we will send you an email asking for additional proof of funding.

How do I transfer to Cleveland State University if I have a Form I-20 from another university?

In order for Cleveland State University to issue you a new Form I-20, you must contact your current school and request for them to release your SEVIS record to CSU. Please visit this website for more information

If I get a graduate assistantship do I still need to submit financial documents to get my Form I-20?

If you are awarded a graduate assistantship that covers the entire amount required for the Form I-20, then no additional financial statements will be require. If the graduate assistantship does not cover the entire amount required for the Form I-20, then you are required to submit an additional financial document that shows the difference in order for the Form I-20 to be issued.

I received a letter saying that my bank statement was unacceptable. What kind of bank statement should I send?

The bank statement must be in English. It must specify the type of currency such as US dollars or another currency. If you have a sponsor, then the bank statement must show a balance of at least the financial requirements for one year of your program. The bank statement must be on official bank letterhead, dated within the last 6 months and be signed or stamped by a bank official.

How can I get F2 visas for my spouse and children to accompany me to the United States?

If you send evidence of adequate funding for your dependents as stated in the Financial Documents page, then we will create dependent Form I-20s for your family. The US Embassy will issue F2 visas to your spouse and children if you present dependent Form I-20s and proof of financial support for your family.

How do I ask an urgent immigration question?

For questions about initial Form I-20s please email

For questions about transfer Form I-20s and other immigration issues please email