Office for Institutional Equity

OIE Process Advisors / Title IX Advisor


An OIE Process Advisor or a Title IX Advisor is a trained support person available to assist a Complainant or a Respondent with understanding the Title IX Policy, the Grievance Procedures for Addressing Formal Complaints of Sexual Harassment Under the May 19, 2020 Title IX Regulations, the Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence and Retaliation, and the Procedures for Investigating Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence and Retaliation, accessing resources and identifying and presenting relevant information during the investigation.

title ix advisor / OIE process Advisors

Dayrnice Chavis, Administrator, Office of the General Counsel, or 216/687-3829

Kelsie Gory, Deputy Athletics Director (Student Athlete Experience),

Mary Knuckles, OIE Coordinator, or 216/687-2223

Not sure how to connect with a Title IX Advisor / OIE Process Advisor? Just call or email and state, "I have some questions about an OIE investigation," "I don't understand my rights in a Title IX Investigation," "I need help with asking questions in my case," or "I might be able to use your help." If you aren't sure if an OIE Process Advisor / TItle IX Advisor is a good option for you, feel free to contact OIE and ask. The OIE Director or OIE Associate Director will tell you if working with an Title IX Advisor / OIE Process Advisor is likely to be beneficial for you.