Office for Institutional Equity

Information about OIE support for LGBTQI+ students, staff, faculty and visitors

At the Office for Institutional Equity, we work hard to support members of the CSU community who identify as nonbinary gender, transgender, gay, lesbian, other, and without regard to any person's gender identity or expression.

OIE manages the University's preferred name process. Students and other community members seeking to use a chosen name should send an email to with the person's chosen name, birth or dead name, and CSU I.D. number. OIE will then work with partner on campus to update records with the chosen name. Thos partner areas include:  

  • The Counseling Center
  • Blackboard
  • The Cashier Window in Main Classroom
  • Residence Life

 Students and staff may then visit the Viking Card Office to obtain a Viking Card that reflects the preferred name. 


OIE also ensures that members of our CSU community are able to use any restroom that corresponds with that person's gender identity. OIE provides training and problem solving when concerns arise regarding bathroom access.


Students, faculty , staff and visitors may also contact OIE to report concers or make complaints about discrimination, harassment and sexual violence based on gender identity or expression, gender and sexual orientation, and other bases.