Office for Institutional Equity

OIE Information Sheets: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Discrimination, Harassment, Disability and Title IX Accommodations, Sexual Violence, Responsible Employees and More

The Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) Information Sheets available on this page have been prepared for members of the Cleveland State University community, including students, parents, employees, faculty and visitors to campus. Information Sheets discuss topics relating to discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, support for students, disability, reporting and Title IX accommodations, among others. These Information Sheets are prepared in response to commonly asked questions and meant to provide the information that you need on topics that you want to know more about. Here is a list of OIE Information Sheets: 

OIE Support for LGBTQIA+ Community Members and Chosen Name Information

OIE Support for Pregnant and Parenting Students

OIE Support for Veterans

OIE Suggested Syllabi Statements for Faculty

OIE Religious Accommodations and FAQ's

OIE Accommodations for People with Temporary Disabilities

OIE Information for Persons with Disabilities

​​​​​​​Service and Support Animals

​​​​​​​The Information Sheets may answer your question, but if you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at (216) 687-2223 or

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, but you think OIE should have an Information Sheet about a particular topic, let OIE know!