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As in the past, IS&T maintains a discount buying program with Adobe and Microsoft products through CDW. You can now take advantage of these special prices via MagnusMart. You can still purchase what you need from CDW but you will access those items from inside MagnusMart.

Discounted IUC pricing is available on MagnusMart. To purchase products from Microsoft, Adobe or other vendors, purchase directly from CDW-G.  Product codes change so please contact Sue Pichotta (suep@cdwg.com / 312-705-9028) at CDW for help or questions ordering specific software including the correct product code.

Visit the custom CSU CDW-G portal and paste the appropriate code (see previous paragraph) into the Contracts search box near the bottom of the page.

The Contacts search box is where you will paste the product code.

Specific Product Codes

Once you are in a software vendors catalog, you can quickly bring up certain software products by entering the codes listed below.

Product Codes

Project logo

Microsoft Project


To purchase Microsoft Project 2016

  1. Enter the product code 3847535 into the search box
  2. Select the number of licenses to purchase
  3. Check out

Visio Logo

Microsoft Visio


To purchase Microsoft Visio Standard or Pro

  1. Enter the product code into the search box
    • Visio Standard is 3847506
    • Visio Pro is 3847507
  2. Select the number of licenses to purchase
  3. Check out

Adobe logo

Adobe Acrobat


To purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017

  1. Enter the product code 4644632 into the search box
  2. Select the number of licenses to purchase
  3. Check out

NOTE:  Before purchasing Adobe Products please read the Adobe Software Update page for new information about product availability.  To purchase Adobe Products, enter the product name into the search box. Select the number of licenses to purchase, and check out.

Windows 10 

Windows 10 logo

Microsoft Windows 10

Personal computer

If you wish to make a purchase for a personal computer, follow these instructions.

If you do not have an existing Windows 10 license

  1. Enter the product code 3799403 into the search box
  2. Select the number of licenses to purchase
  3. Check out

University owned computer

If you wish to upgrade an existing University owned computer, follow these instructions.

1.  Use Magnusmart to branch to CDWG's website and enter the product code 3798274 for an Enterprise Windows 10 Upgrade License.  The cost is around $100 per copy. 

2.  Keep a copy of your proof of purchase and call the IS&T Help Desk at x5050 or use easy.csuohio.edu to request s software install.  Once we verify the license purchase, we will update your computer with Windows 10.

Currently we know that Windows 10 does not work with PowerFaids or the Onbase Thick Clients.




NOTE: Please keep copies of your license purchase and be prepared to show these to IS&T when you request your install.  See “Request Software Installs” for further information on installation options.  

If you do not already have an account with this vendor, you will be asked to create an account for purchasing purposes.