Hardware and Software

Request a Variance for a Special Purchase

Although the standard PC’s included in our University PC Procurement Program meet nearly all of the University’s needs, there are occasions when an individual needs a special computer not offered as part of our program. In this case you have two options; however, in both cases you must define the exact specifications that you require with your special purchase.

  1. Request a quote from the PC Procurement Program vendor covering your special needs. Send this request for a quotation to isthelpdesk@csuohio.edu. This computer would go through the standard purchasing process, be covered by our onsite warranty, and include all of the software provided in this program.  Once the quote is generated, you will receive a copy for review. If you are satisfied, you can send an email to the help desk at isthelpdesk@csuohio.edu, include your quote and account number. Your order will be placed and you will be notified when the unit arrives. 
  2. Complete the variance form below requesting permission to purchase your own computer from a vendor selected by you. This purchase will not have the onsite warranty, software, or quality control procedures applied as would a computer purchased through the Procurement Program. You would make payment and delivery arrangements. IS&T cannot support purchases made in this manner as we don’t have the proper authorization or training to offer support for off-program purchases. You must state the technical reasons that make this request unfulfillable by our current standard administrative and research computers. Send the form below with your request to isthelpdesk@csuohio.edu

Terms and conditions of variance from the PC procurement procedure:

  1. The original purchase of a PC is only 20% of the PC’s cost of ownership to the university. The balance of the cost is in software, maintenance, and break/fix support over the useful life of the equipment.  You are accepting full responsibility for the care, repair and maintenance of the machine you are purchasing. This means you are taking responsibility to purchase and install any software you require.
  2. You are accepting the responsibility for the disposal and replacement of your equipment after 4 years.
  3. You are accepting full responsibility for managing and supporting your equipment. Any and all “break/fix” support will be provided by your department. This includes virus remediation, software installs and any software upgrades/updates.
  4. Non-standard equipment purchased through this variance cannot be converted to administrative use later in its useful life.   You are accepting the responsibility of enforcing this rule for your equipment.
  5. Any software you order must be both ordered and installed by your department. This includes drivers, operating systems, utility software (Java for example), and application software.  

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please save the form below to you computer, complete it, and return it to isthelpdesk@csuohio.edu.

PC Standard Variance form (.pdf)