Hardware and Software


Cleveland State University maintains a Board of Trustees approved process for procuring both PC's and Laptops for CSU faculty and staff at State Term Pricing. 

Employees who would like to purchase a tablet computer may either purchase through the University PC Procurement Program or purchase form a vendor of choice.

Employees who would like to purchase an Apple product (Tablet, Laptop or Desktop) may do so on their own. 

Employees who have special needs may request a variance for a special purchase as sometimes there are exceptional needs that cannot be met with the standards provided in our PC Procurement Program.

There are many benefits to the University PC Procurement Program including:

Procurement Services

  •  Pre-defined models set to meet University requirements
  •  All units are commercial grade
  •  Variety of units available in economical, mid-range and research levels
  •  Easy to order via a single email
  •  Units are customizable upon request
  •  Spec sheets available upon request
  •  Cleveland based “min/max” inventory speeds delivery
  •  Units are available at State Term Pricing

Pre-Installation Services

  •  PC is imaged with standard CSU image designed to meet the needs of campus
  •  Windows 7 64-bit Operating System
  •  Office Suite included
  •  PC receives “Asset tagging” to identify PC to CSU’s Network
  •  PC receives multiple quality checks before delivery to CSU
  •  Laptops are engraved with CSU logo for security 


  •  PC is checked into inventory
  •  PC is unboxed and setup on users’ desktop
  •  Windows is patched to current level
  •  All printers are re-mapped on new machine
  •  All network shared drives are re-mapped on new machine
  •  Data transfer from old PC to new is completed (Optional)
  •  Lockdowns are installed (Optional)
  •  Laptops are delivered in carrying bag embroidered with CSU logo for security

Post Implementation Support

  •  4-year onsite maintenance provided by CSU’s HP Certified Technicians
  •  Break/Fix provided by CSU’s Comp TIA Certified Technicians