Hardware and Software

Request Software Installs

Methods for requesting installation of software on your computer

Unless CSU maintains a license for the software install being requested, you must first purchase a license and have proof of purchase available before IS&T will install the software. The user is responsible for maintaining a copy of the license agreement and renewing the agreement if applicable in timely fashion consistent with the original license agreement.

The easiest and fastest way is to open up a ticket yourself with our new ticketing system called EASY.

  1. Visit to http://easy.csuohio.edu,
  2. Sign in with your campus credentials,
  3. Click next to the easy button to open an incident,
  4. Once on the incident screen, select "Need Software Install" as the short description,
  5. Select your software from the next drop down box,
  6. Enter details into the description box (computer name, other details), and
  7. Click submit.

This will bypass the help desk and go directly into a work queue. Other methods of creating a ticket are:

  • Call x5050 and ask the Help Desk Technician to create a ticket indicating your machine name and the name and version of the software you wish to install. (Press CTRL+ALT+N)
  • Send an email to help.desk@csuohio.edu, list your machine name and software name/version as well as an indication of your proof of purchase.