Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software

NEW: Computer Updates and Patching Process

Understanding the new process for updating the software on your computer.

What can you do on this website?

Using the main navigation provided on this page, this web site will allow CSU faculty and staff to:

Order a Computer, Laptop, or Surface Pro

Using the CSU PC Procurement Program, you'll be able to specify and purchase a PC, laptop or Windows Surface Pro tablet. Our skilled professionals will have your new machine up and running in your environment.

Order Technology via MagnusMart

MagnusMart is the place to shop for Apple, HP, Dell and other products as well as nearly everything else you'll need.

Request a Variance for Special Technology Purchase

There are times when you might need to purchase a PC that is not offered in the CSU PC Procurement Program. Here you'll find the information and forms you'll need to order.

Faculty, Staff and Student Personal PC Purchases

Discounted prices from several computer vendors are available for CSU employees and students.

Read the Hardware Procurement Procedure

Learn about how the University manages technolgoy acquisition to maintain the balance between needs and resources.