Hardware and Software

NEW: Computer Updates and Patching Process

Information included here will guide you through the process of updating your software through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

As software updates become available, you will be notified through a pop-up message that appears in your system tray:

update required notice

Icon in the system tray

Installing Updates Immediately or Delayed

  1. Click on the notification or the pop-up to bring up the Software Center management window. Click OK to begin the installation immediately or REMIND ME LATER.
    Software Center notice
  2. If a reboot is required upon completion of the installation, you will be prompted to restart the computer via the following pop-up:
    Restart required notice
  3. Clicking the Restart Required pop-up will bring up the following screen prompting for any of these options: Restart now, Cancel out of the screen.
    Restart selection notice

Postponing Updates

Updates can be postponed for six days after which time they will install during the Tuesday night, Wednesday morning service window.

Your computer will be rebooted at that time if necessary.