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To enhance the safety and well-being of CSU students, faculty members, and employees, the Suicide Prevention Team works to:


  • Ensure education and resources for suicide prevention are provided to faculty, staff and students (including all incoming students each semester)
  • Ensure resources are available online and are linked with numerous pages of the CSU website
  • Ensure that crisis response systems are operating at a high level of expertise, responsiveness, and collaboration across departments and with community services
The Suicide Prevention Team is a collaborative effort of Student Affairs and Human Resources.
  • Education and Resources Committee
    • Training: arranges for Peer Education by students to other students, marketing campaigns to increase help-seeking, and trainings for faculty, staff and students in how to help someone in distress
    • Resources: keeps website and links up to date with resources, distributes resource information to all incoming students
  • Crisis Response Committee 
    • Reviews cases of mental health crisis response for ways to enhance response and collaboration
    • Provides training updates for those who respond to mental health crises on campus (e.g., Campus Police, Residence Life, Administrators-on-Call)

If you are interested in learning more about the Team,
please contact the CSU Counseling Center at

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