Choose Ohio First

2018 Choose Ohio First Research Poster Conference

Choose Ohio First at Youngstown State

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Program bulletin listing all posters, presenters, and faculty advisors.  
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Case Westen Reserve University
Case Western Reserve

  • 1A: Pathogenic mechanism of epilepsy-associated gamma-amino butyric type A receptors
  • 6B: Improving Paramedic Cardiology Training
  • 11A: Feeding Behavior Analysis of Manduca sexta
  • 14B: Physical Properties: Determination of Melting Points
  • 17A: Relationship between oxalate-degrading bacteria and urolithiasis of Aonyx cinereus in captivity
  • 18B: Random Lasing in Liquid Crystals Doped with Dyes and Plasmonic Nanoparticles
  • 21A: Suppressive Transcriptional Regulation on Dendritic Morphology in Drosophila Melanogaster
  • 23A: Terrestrial Habitat Selection of American Toads in Response to Changes in Forest Composition
  • 24B: Structure Motivated Mechanistic Modeling of Triphasic Force Dependent E-Selectin/Ligand Adhesion Behavior
  • 28B: The Impact of TCM on IBD in Asia and Translation Beyond
  • 29A: Using in Silico Analysis of Transcription Factor Binding Sites and Relative Luciferase Activity to Understand CFTR Expressivity in CFTR DHS variants
  • 32B: Development and surface modification of iron oxide nanoparticles for plant uptake study via MPI relaxometer
  • 33A: Gold Organometallics in Optical Power Limiting Applications
  • 35A: A preliminary behavioral study into the effects of heat responsive Microelectrodes
  • 36B: Carbon Fiber Tie Rod Optimization
  • 38B: Creating Topographic Maps through Field Surveying
  • 45A: Exploration of the feasibility of Dalbavancin-filled cyclodextrin microparticles in PMMA bone cement for treatment of orthopedic infections
  • 51A: Identification of Dormant vs Aggressive Cancers via Ligand Specific Targeting
  • 55A: Mitigating Bed Fall Injuries in Retirement Homes by Lowering of Bed & Side Cushion Attachment
  • 56B: Optimization of Fabric Worm Robot
  • 64B: Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Study Sinus Cavity Deformities
  • 70B: Demonstrations for Signals and Systems Coursework
  • 71A: Basic Simulation of HIV in Matlab
  • 72B: Safety Simulation: The Gamification of Employee Training
  • 107A: Self-supporting Knee Brace

Cleveland State University

CSU Logo Seal

Cuyahoga Community College

Cuyahoga Community College

  • 5A: Common Iliac Aneurysms
  • 10B: The Negative Effects of Sleep Deprivation
  • 20B: Redheads: Fact vs. Fiction
  • 27A: Concussions in Football Through the Years: Improving or Worsening?
  • 67A: Tri-C's Extreme Green Ecosystems Experience

Kent State University
Kent State University

Youngstown State University
Youngstown University Logo