Campus Signage and Branding Review Board


Q: Why does CSU have signage standards?
A: Cleveland State University has implemented a signage standards program to promote consistency in design, branding, and wayfinding from building to building. The Office of the University Architect worked with University Marketing to achieve this consistent appearance. The concept is that as projects are completed, new signage will be implemented, and eventually the majority of signage on campus will look and feel harmonious.  

Q: What kinds of signs and banners need to be submitted to the Campus Signage and Branding Review Board (CSBRB) for approval?
A: Any public-facing sign, banner, graphic or artwork should be submitted to the CSBRB for review. This includes: 

  • External signage 
  • Interior building signage
  • Way finding signage
  • Advertising and promotional signage
  • Building directories
  • Room ID signage
  • Athletics signage
  • Parking lot and garage signage
  • Campus maps
  • Environmental graphics and window vinyl
  • Public-facing banners (Chili's rail banners, Student Center atrium banners, pole banners, etc.)
  • Public-facing art commissions and purchases
  • Placement of new Visix digital signs

Q: Who is responsible for updating building directories and room ID signs?
A: Each department is responsible for updating existing building directories and office signs as employees leave and new are hired.

Q: What is the process for removing building directories and room ID signs?
A: Each department shall submit a “Service Request” through the Facilities website to remove outdated signage inserts and/or replace with new inserts.

Q: What is the process for obtaining new signage?
A: Each department shall “initiate a project” through the University Marketing website to design new signage based on the standards. Any proposed design or location beyond those established in the standards will require approval from CSBRB, the Campus Signage and Branding Review Board.  Once designs are completed and approved, the department shall submit a requisition form to the Duplicating and Printing Department for production.

Some types of signage will need to be produced through an outside vender. University Marketing will assist the department with identifying vendors. The department shall request quotes from venders and submit for a P.O. through the Purchasing Department.

Once signage is produced and delivered, the department shall submit a “Service Request” through the Facilities website to install the new signs. Larger projects being produced by an outside vendor may include installation services in the cost of the project.

Q: What are the costs associated with new and replacement signage?
Approxiamate costs for the most common sign types are listed in the condensed CSU Signage Standards document. These estimates do not include installation costs. Actual cost can vary depending on the scale of your project.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: The Campus Signage and Branding Review Board (CSBRB) requires two weeks to review and respond to requests. Each form is reviewed in the order of submission. Production and installation timing is dependent upon workload, and this process will not begin until after the signage is approved by the CSBRB. Some estimated timelines would be:

  • Replace a directory or room sign insert – 1-2 weeks
  • Marketing design a new sign – 2‐3 weeks
  • CSBRB approval, if required – 1‐2 weeks
  • Fabricate/install new signage – 3‐4 weeks