Office of Facilities Management

The campus is our customer

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The FileFM Org Chart.pptx is part of FAST and adheres to serving CSU Campus in alignment with the CSU and FAST Motto:

"We are FAST-Engaged and Customer Focused
Professionals Delivering Excellence!"

We are a service organization dedicated to the success and satisfaction of the Cleveland State University community (faculty, staff, students, and guests). We are responsible for the day-to-day services and processes that allow our customers to experience the University at its finest.

Basic Services
Our basic services include all activities necessary to operate, maintain, and provide service to University buildings, mechanical equipment, and utilities which keep them in a satisfactory operating condition.  To find details of each of our service areas, please click on one of the service areas listed above and to your left.

All of the above services are provided to all University colleges and departments (except those classified as auxiliary services).

Facilities Management Schedules for Fiscal Year 2017:

  1. Building Maintenance - 2016-2017 Zone Maintenance 
  2. Campus Mail -PDF iconMail Rounds
  3. Custodial Services - Housekeeping Schedule