Campus Signage and Branding Review Board

About the Board

  • Dan T Moore Makerspace vinyl room ID sign
  • Student Center atrium banners
  • Berkman Hall building ID sign

The Campus Signage and Branding Review Board (CSBRB) was established to ensure that the Cleveland State University (CSU) campus looks branded, professional and consistent at all times. This review board is responsible for making sure the University leadership’s mission for campus professionalism is fulfilled. The CSBRB will work to maintain the CSU brand in a positive light inside and outside of campus. The review board will stay consistent with what the Cleveland community requires. The CSBRB will support this mission by holding all parties accountable to the same standards and will guarantee that these standards are clearly communicated and easily accessible to our campus community.  

Responsibilties Include:

  • External signage 
  • Interior building signage
  • Way finding signage
  • Advertising and promotional signage
  • Building directories
  • Room ID signage
  • Athletics signage
  • Parking lot and garage signage
  • Campus maps
  • Environmental graphics and window vinyl
  • Public-facing banners (Chili's rail banners, Student Center atrium banners, pole banners, etc.)
  • Public-facing art commissions and purchases
  • Placement of new Visix digital signs


Sean Ries – Chair
Executive Director of Campus Support Services

Renee Adam
Sport Information and Media Coordinator - Athletics

Kristin Broka
Senior Director Marketing - University Marketing

Stephanie Harper
Project Manager - Capital Planning

James Lightcap
Senior Graphic Designer - University Marketing

Leslie Masterpaul
Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing and Engagement - Athletics

Sarah Rutherford
Associate Professor of Design, Department of Art and Design