Why do I have a First Year Advising hold?

All students advised in First Year Advising have a hold placed on their account and need to meet with their First Year advisor to review courses prior to enrollment (e.g. registering for classes, adding/dropping, withdrawing).

When is the First Year Advising Hold removed?

After successfully completing 24 credit hours, students who have also completed a college-level English and Math course while in good academic standing are ready to move out of FYA. Once a student meets this criteria, they make the transition out of FYA and are assigned to the advisor(s) based on their major/program of study. 

How to declare my major?

Set up a meeting with your advisor to review course requirements for your new major and to submit a request to update your major. If you are changing from a major to undecided, your advisor can help you consider your options as you explore your interests and skills.

Who is my advisor and how do I schedule an appointment?

Current students can both identify and schedule an appointment with an advisor online in Starfish. To navigate to Starfish, log in to CampusNet, click on the Student tab, then click on Starfish. Under My Success Network students can view their advisor and schedule an appointment directly based on availability. Students can also call 216-687-9376 to schedule an appointment. Click for step-by-step Starfish directions.

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What is academic warning/probation?

At Cleveland State, to be considered in good academic standing, all undergraduate students must meet two criterion each semester:

§  Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0

§  Successfully complete 67% of credit hours attempted

If a student fails to meet either of these criterion, a student is not in good academic standing and will be on either academic warning, academic probation, or academic suspension. More details on academic standing can be found in the Course Catalog.

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What if I’m struggling in a class?

Cleveland State University offers students with a wide variety of resources to help students reach their academic goals and ensure academic success and graduation. Click here to learn more about the resources available.

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What is FERPA?

As a CSU student over the age of 18 years old, the information that the University can disclose about you is guided, restricted, and protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

For more information about FERPA, you can meet with your First Year Advisor or click here.

What classes should I take?

In order to graduate from Cleveland State University, students must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours.  Those 120 credit hours are comprised of three (3) main groups of requirements: General Education, College, and Major Requirements. In order to schedule classes, students will need to meet with their First Year Advisor to review academic requirements and schedule classes. Click here to learn more about academic requirements.

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What are midterm grades (where to find THEM)?

A mid-term grade reflects where a student stands in the course by week 8. It is not a grade that will be posted on a students’ official transcript. One can view mid-term grades via CampusNet by following these simple steps:

                                Select Student Tab

                                Select Grades

                                Choose the Semester

                                Click on Mid-Term Grades

Drop vs. withdraw (impact of 'W' GRADE)

Dropping/withdrawing from courses may affect student’s financial aid. Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisor and Campus411 prior to dropping or withdrawing from classes. A drop will not appear on a student’s official academic record but may leave a student with too few hours to be considered full-time. A withdrawal will be indicated on the student’s academic record with a “W” letter grade and will have no impact on gpa. Both dropping and withdrawing have deadlines within a semester. See the Academic Calendar for more details.