General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

NOTICE: If you are a student who enrolled at CSU prior to Fall 2008, click here for your Gen Ed Requirements.

General Education at Cleveland State University provides students with a strong foundation upon which to build their entire university career. All students of the university—regardless of major or program—complete this set of requirements. The courses in the General Education program expose students to a variety of disciplines, provide basic knowledge, and cultivate core skill areas. Further, the General Education requirement—through Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), Speaking Across the Curriculum (SPAC), and Capstone courses—creates links to students' work within their majors. 

Information For Students and Faculty:

Click here for a summary table of the new General Education Requirements approved by Faculty Senate in April 2007.

For Students:

Students who have questions about their General Education requirements should meet with their academic advisor. For more information on determining which Advising office you should visit, click here

For Faculty: General Instructions for Course Approval