Engage 365 Email

Mobile Device Access Documentation

Supported Mobile Devices

Microsoft supports various mobile devices for accessing email, office products and Skype / IM.  For the latest listing of these devices, along with what each device supports, please select here to open the appropriate document.

If you are using an iPhone/iPad or an Android, you may be able to use the "Outlook App" to access your account.   For additional information concerning the use of the “Outlook App” or setting up access to your Engage 365 account via the device’s Exchange settings, please go to Mobile Devices documentation sections listed under Engage 365 / Email Documentation. 

Set Up Access

The following documentation is provided to provide assistance for setting up various mobile devices to access your CSU Engage 365 email account.  When configuring the devices the Exchange server should be entered as outlook.office365.com and the User ID or email address should be defined as :

Please note:  your User ID or email address settings will have to be updated should your status with the university change from a student to a faculty / staff member, or from a faculty / staff member to a student.  

For information for setting up access to your Engage 365 account via an iPhone or an Android, please select the link listed under the heading "Additional Information" listed below.  

Both devices, iPhone and Android, do have the ability to set up access through Exchange via the phone or by downloading the Outlook App.  If you are in need of having the calendar entries or your personal contacts, that reside on your Engage 365 account, to be able to sync with the calendar or contacts on the device, then follow the instructions listed under "Email set up".  If you are interested in downloading the Outlook App, additional information concerning it's capabilities may be located by selecting here.  Please note: Outlook for iOS, that is the Outlook App, is supported only in the last two releases of iOS.

Wipe a mobile device from Engage 365

If the event arises where a mobile device, that was setup to access an Engage 365 account, needs to be remotely wiped, please follow the steps listed within this documentation, Wipe a Mobile Device from Engage 365.

Additional Information

Select here for documentation related to email set up, download Microsoft Office products and other information related to Apple and Android mobile devices.