Center for International Services & Programs

International Student Letter Request

Guidelines for Letters Requests:

The Center for International Services and Programs no longer issues letters for enrollment verification or for inviting family members for commencement. Please follow the instructions below for these letters:

To Request Letters for SACM- Please go to the SACM Letter Request website for a downloadable form

To Request an Enrollment Certification/Registration Letter - Includes current semester or next semester's enrollment/registration, letters for insurance companies or scholarships. Please contact Campus 411 All-in-One in MC 116 or download the form

To Invite Family Members  for Commencement- If you wish to invite a member of your family to visit to the United States, for your graduation, please go to the following the link:   and follow the steps located there.

Other types of Letters: Please make an appointment with your immigration adviser to discuss the letter request

Ms. Wendi Kramer ( – College of Engineering

Ms. Mary Brown ( – College of Business

Mrs. Regina Motiejunas-McCarthy  (  - Colleges of Liberal Arts/Social Sciences, Education/Human Services, Law, Sciences/Health Professionals, Urban Affairs, and School of Nursing  

Click here for the Letter Request Form