Center for International Services & Programs

Faculty-led Programs Abroad (FLPA)

For more than 20 years, Cleveland State faculty members have led short-term academic programs abroad. These shorter programs, typically 10 days to 4 weeks abroad, provide CSU students with international experience and residency credit hours in a short amount of time and at a low cost.

Programs led by CSU faculty members include courses taught by the faculty director, but may also include other instruction by faculty of a host institution. On-site, the faculty director serves as the professor of record for the class but also acts as a cultural guide, academic advisor, and resident director for the accompanying CSU students. The faculty member is also responsible for administering on-site program expenses and managing student and group emergencies as necessary.

Faculty members should develop and submit proposals for new or recurring short-term Education Abroad programs via the established program proposal process. All necessary proposal forms and deadlines can be found below or obtained from the staff at the Center for International Services and Programs (CISP).

All proposals must be endorsed by the proposal author, the sponsoring department's curriculum committee, department chair, before submission to CISP. New proposals must also be endorsed by the college dean before submission to CISP. If a program includes course(s) that will transfer back as credit under another department, that department's chair/Dean must endorse the proposal as well.

FLPA Director_ProgramProposal.pdf

FLPA Director_ProgramBudget.pdf

FLPA Director_RiskMgmt.pdf


Questions? Contact Julie Good, Manager of Education Abroad, at or (216) 687-3910.